Natural Skin Care Treatments

Treating Skin Naturally

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FaceDoctor Rx is skincare dedicated to natural skin treatment and products. Commercial products with harsh chemicals can provide some quick fixes but can also cause more harm to your skin. That is why FaceDoctor Rx products work to improve and repair your skin as naturally as possible.

Rejuvenating Soap

The Rejuvenating Soap uses sea buckthorn oil which is a natural ingredient used to speed up the healing process and repair your skin from scabs that occur when picking at your skin. It also kills the Human Demodex parasite and will help clear the complexion and treat rosacea.

Medicated Soap

The Medicated Soap contains a formula created from thirty years of clinical research. This is a product for those looking for fast and effective results.

Beauty Cream

The Beauty Cream is made to be used with the Medicated Soap and helps stop the spreading of infection caused by the Human Demodex parasite.


The Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo formula treats itchy and flakey scalps so that you will be left with healthy, clean hair.


The Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner contains sea buckthorn oil to give you the beautiful smooth and silky look your hair needs.


When looking for new and natural products for your skin and hair routine, consider giving these products a try.

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