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You don’t need a serious case of dandruff to use a special shampoo

Some people were born with the healthiest complexion and the shiniest hair, and they seem to go through life without a pimple or a rash to tell the tale. I am one of those people but not because I was born with the perfect set of genes, despite most of my friends thinking otherwise. I’ve learned from a very young age to treat my body like a temple. My parents strived to cook only organic meals and to not feed us any kind of processed foods or sugar. Did this have an impact on how healthy my skin and hair look and feel? For sure, but like anyone else, I also went through puberty and a lot of things changed as a result of the hormonal imbalance.
Because I was brought up in an organic, eco-friendly household, I always look for all-natural supplements, preferably made with organic ingredients. I know a thing or two about matching the properties and active ingredients of a natural product with the ailment I’m trying to cure.

The thing that changed the most for me after puberty was my hair. My scalp became a lot more sensitive and occasionally I would even have cases of dandruff. I had tried a few products and a few home remedies but none seemed to work in the long term. I knew anything made with sea buckthorn oil was a great option but couldn’t seem to find a product that had the optimal amount I needed for it to work.

And then I found Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo and was amazed. Now, you don’t have to be going through a serious case of dandruff to start using an antibacterial shampoo. Nor should you use such a shampoo only when you have a problem. The secret is keeping the balance, let your complexion get used to the products you use and be consistent.

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