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How I Show My Know-it-All Patients the Benefits of FaceDoctor Medicated Soap for Acne

As a dermatologist, I must have seen every form of acne in the world. When you think of acne pimples, you have a general picture in your mind of what a pimple looks like. From the doctor’s perspective, I am fascinated with how many shapes and forms it can have. To find the right balance between appropriate diet and an effective natural skin treatment for one single patient is my favourite challenge.
They all walk into my office with a handful of tips and tricks to heal acne. The first thing I tell them is that whatever information they found online is too generic and it probably won’t work that well or for a long time on them. They insist the treatments are all-natural and therefore not harmful. I explain to them how that has nothing to do with how our skin reacts to outside influence. The skin is the biggest organ in the human body, something we tend to forget, and sometimes reacts to the simplest of natural treatments as the worst form of aggression.
There is no miracle medicine for acne and a big part of a treatment’s success is to guarantee that my patients eat well, drink enough water and, above all, follow my rules about buying the best natural acne soap. The fit athletic always recommend the FaceDoctor medicated soap because I’ve used it for a long time and I know what to expect. This is the best skin care soap you could possibly buy because it respects your complexion. I can never stress this enough with my patients, you need to work with your skin not against it. Otherwise, it will fight back to protect itself.

When I advise them this soap, half of them will be okay with it and half of them will be on the fence. Let me remind you that this second half is those people who’ve read all the information they think they need online, and therefore come with a set of very particular questions. I always tell them that’s my medical opinion and I can’t force them to follow a treatment. The best I can do is to show them the testimonials on the FaceDoctor website.
Guess what? 9 out of 10 times this strategy works.

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