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What a Researcher with Rosacea Has to Tell Us about FaceDoctor Medicated Soap

The bad part of suffering from rosacea is to know you’ll be in a constant battle against your own skin for the rest of your life. The good part of this battle with a skin disorder is knowing exactly what the enemy looks like. Well, sort of. We can’t actually see the Human Demodex parasite that causes rosacea, but at FaceDoctor we found a way to slow it down.
Through thorough scientific research, we discovered that the sea buckthorn oil slowed down the parasite from spreading, making it easier for rosacea patients to control the affected areas and the extension of the symptoms. This particular kind of oil is the active ingredient of our natural rosacea soap, a soothing, non-invasive, and award-winning product that has become the all-time favourite of people who had been battling facial redness all their lives.
The advantage of simplifying treatment is that people don’t feel overwhelmed with a daily beauty routine that takes up most of their time in the morning. We all experience different levels of stress in the morning, and for people with rosacea, stress can mean an outbreak that they will unlikely be able to tame during the day.
I should know. I’ve been using it every day for months and I can vouch for the results.
FaceDoctor’s main goal for this innovative line of products was to make the natural rosacea soap effective, affordable, and usable. These were very important factors in the development process and the positive feedback has been encouraging.
It might seem like our impact is small but when we hear our customers tell us they can look at themselves in the mirror again without feeling depressed or disgusted with their image, it’s a priceless reward.
If you know someone looking for the perfect solution for their rosacea, I think it’s time to introduce them to the FaceDoctor line.

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