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My Research about the Human Demodex Parasite Led Me to FaceDoctor



I think I can fairly say that rosacea is one of the least attractive skin disorders in the world. It’s like having a permanent infection in your pores around the nose and the mouth. Growing up I hated being photographed and, looking back; I don’t have a single picture that I actually enjoy looking at. The bullying at school was ferocious and constant.

If only I knew then that my skin condition was caused by the Human Demodex parasite, my life would have been a lot easier. For my mom, if it didn’t hurt then it wasn’t a real disease. As a teenager, I developed some serious skills hiding the rosacea red spots with makeup. I couldn’t afford the expensive products, but I learned all the techniques to the best I could with what I had. During the day, I was a walking miracle. At night, as I removed all of it, my skin was always a disgrace.

Learning about the parasite through a friend whose sister suffered from the same skin condition, changed my life. For the first time, I felt hope. If you suffer from rosacea too you know how happy we are when we have the glimpse of a cure. Although I know there is nothing that can cure rosacea, only make it look better.

Determined to fight this parasite, I dug deep into what would cause it to stop spreading. I couldn’t get rid of it, but being able to contain it would be a victory. Anything with sea buckthorn oil would make for an excellent natural rosacea treatment, according to my research. Finding the FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap was like winning the lottery!

I didn’t even need all the award-winning product information because it already had the active ingredient I so desperately needed! And it worked from day one.

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