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The Importance of Understanding the Human Demodex Parasite for Patients with Rosacea

As with any other skin conditions, the problem with rosacea is to control the causes to minimize the symptoms. In the particular case of the rosacea condition, the Human Demodex parasite is to blame. Most people may not develop any skin disorder because of the parasite, but for those who do, it is essential to control the spreading of this micro-organism.

The best way to control the excess parasites is with thorough daily cleaning and, in most severe cases, skin exfoliation. The sea buckthorn oil is one of the ingredients known to be extremely effective in reducing the Human Demodex parasites.

An effective natural skin treatment sometimes doesn’t mean you have to use anything more than a good cleanser with the right active ingredients. That’s why FaceDoctor uses sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient in all its products.

I have suffered from rosacea from a young age, and I think it’s fair to say I have tried enough products to know what works and what doesn’t. With rosacea treatment products, in particular, it always felt like I was delaying the problem by trying to minimize the symptoms instead of figuring out the root cause. It was the kind of damage control approach that I didn’t like and, frankly, believed to be a waste of my time.

FaceDoctor’s composition comes from extensive research on what causes rosacea and what the parasites react too. It’s not as simple as telling someone they need to clean the affected areas regularly. The product must be able to act on the source, and that’s the benefit I always got from their products. It was their understanding of the skin condition that made me trust the brand and become a loyal customer.

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