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How I Manage to Travel the World with a Chronic Skin Condition

Making the decision to go on that gap year was the best one I ever made. Deciding not to go back once my gap year was over was crazy but still one of the best decisions I ever made. I wasn’t ready to go back and I was doing fine as a digital nomad. It kind of pays off when you don’t have to worry about rent and utility bills. Believe it or not, that’s where the majority of your monthly income goes to!

The income factor was taken care of. I also had some savings as a backup in case I needed. And, obviously, I could always go back home if the adventure felt short of what I expected it to be. I was almost ready to take that first step into my leap of faith.

All I had to prepare for was to deal with my psoriasis while gallivanting across the globe. Which is not easier once you consider you’ll be exposed to different climates and constantly switching time zones. For people with psoriasis, you know these are major red flags and the trigger for a crisis.

My best shot was to find a natural psoriasis treatment. One that I could take anywhere, without worrying about prescriptions or too many explanations at foreign borders. Also, finding a product with sea buckthorn oil as the active ingredient was a major plus. I honestly thought I was asking too much and I would have to compromise on whatever I could find before my trip.

Thank goodness for FaceDoctor that fell under my radar doing an online search for the best skin treatment products for psoriasis! Their medicated soap is easy to order, easy to pack, and easy to use. Plus, no one asks questions about a soap. And I’m blown away by the results too!

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