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Exploring the Newly Discovered Actual Culprit of Acne and Rosacea along with its Cure

Acne and rosacea are among the most irritating and embarrassing skin conditions for anybody to endure. For more than two decades, the Chinese specialists have been striving hard to find out the real cause of these skin ailments, both of which share some common symptoms such as redness, bumps, and pimples. In fact, it has taken 30 years for these experts to identify the hidden culprit behind these skin conditions. Interestingly, they have succeeded is discovering the common yet hidden cause of these upsetting afflictions.

According to them, acne and rosacea are mostly caused by the human Demodex parasites that tend to dwell in the hair follicles as well as in the subcutaneous glands under the skin. Shockingly, the experts have found out that almost 98% of adults tent to carry these parasites on their skin, and that there are nearly 14 million Americans in whom they causes those troublesome symptoms. The life cycle of a human demodex is only of 15 days but they expand with the rise in temperature. The parasite loves warmth but hates light due to which it is more active at night, especially when you are sleeping. If they multiply to become numerous, the worms tend to damage the tissues and trigger histo-pathalogical activities by draining the skin tissue nutrients and enlarging pores. As a result, skin diseases are triggered instantly.

However fortunately, the researchers have also found an organic, easily available, and affordable remedy that has proven its effectiveness in combating these causal pathogens. This remedy is known as the sea buckthorn oil (Hippophae rhamnoides) that effectively works to kill the parasites in just a week’s time. Made from the berries of sea buckthorn shrub, the oil is the main ingredient in the products of Facedoctor, a brand that is honored across the world!

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