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Don’ts for Sensitive Skin

Don’ts for Sensitive Skin

Don’ts for Sensitive Skin

A lot of people in their attempt to acquire a clearer complexion end up doing more harm than good to their skin, but don’t worry, it’s nothing that cannot be fixed. This blog will talk about all the common mistakes which should be avoided and the good habits which should be continued.

Try Not To Overdo It

A lot of people end up with red bumps on their skins. It’s a condition which is mostly associated with people putting too much stuff on their faces or rubbing too hard. You need to remember that your skin is a microcosm of activity – it’s got sweat glands, dermal trafficking, epidermal renewal, etc.

This requires a delicate balance, which can be easily unsettled by incorrect skin care practices. Try to remember this rule of thumb. Do not apply more than three different products on your face at a time. Applying more can risk creating an epidermis reaction. The skin can only absorb so much product at a time and it requires a decent balance.

Never Pick

We all get the temptation to pick away at our acne. Picking zits can create neurotic excoriation, by picking away at our skins we manage to only eject about 20% of the content, whereas the rest 80% goes deeper into the skin, ensuing prolong inflammation and delayed healing. You can however, clear your black and white heads but only uses prescribed practices and not with your nails.

Avoid Fragrance

Yes, we all are inherently attracted to nice smells. Hence, the product manufacturers exploit it to their benefit. It pays to be smart and avoid marketing tactics. Fragrance is considered as one of the leading causes of dermatitis, a common red rash which can take weeks to heal. Try to use products with minimal fragrance or none at all.

Try Not To Over Wash

We all need to remember that every time we wash our faces with medicated products, we are striping away the layers of epidermis. One of the main causes of chapped and irritated skin, therefore you shouldn’t be washing your face more than twice a day.

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