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My dandruff was so bad I almost got fired

The last thing you want to spot on your waiter’s black shirt uniform is dandruff, no matter how sympathetic you are to his skin condition. You might think this has little impact on someone’s life, but when you work in a two Michelin star restaurant, trust me, it makes all the difference.
Three months ago, I had such a severe case of dandruff that I was asked to use my paid leave days to have it sorted out. If I couldn’t find a solution for it, I was advised to look for another career. I was desperate because I had no idea why had this happened! I couldn’t even remember ever having dandruff in my adult life! No matter how much I tried to explain this had nothing to do with poor hygiene, the manager was clear.
In the hopes of finding a solution, I went to see a dermatologist about my flaky scalp condition. I didn’t leave with a complete diagnosis but instead, I had a long list of possible causes for dandruff. One of them was stress, and I thought it probably fit well with my work and how many hours I spent worrying about it. When advising me for a product, he told me to find something not too harsh but still effective, preferably made from all natural ingredients. Great. Where would I find that?
Fearing she would tell me I wasn’t specific enough, I gave the same directions to the employee behind the counter at the health store. Surprisingly she pointed me in the direction of the Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo, an all-natural shampoo made with sea buckthorn oil.
I think I noticed the difference within the first couple of days after using the shampoo and dandruff has not made an appearance ever since. I returned to my job without any more issues. Just in case, this is now my usual shampoo because I don’t want to risk having this skin condition again.

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