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A Little thought about Moisturizers

We have often heard about moisturizers. So, what is the need for moisturizers in skin care? Normally our skin contains a large amount of water, which makes the skin look fresh, full and healthy. Skin that might have lost its moisture content may look dry, wrinkled and worn out. So, to retain the moisture level, our skin regularly produces natural oils, which provides a coating to the skin surface and also prevents water loss from the skin. This oil coating protects the skin from bacterial infections and other environmental threats. However, when we wash our skin we actually removes this natural oil together with the surface dirt and dead skin cells. Deprived of this natural oil our skin becomes dry and damaged.

Here comes the need for moisturizers. They help to replace those vanished natural oils and help to keep the skin moist and fresh. Moisturizing cream preserves the moisture that is already on the skin. Make sure to buy a good moisturizer. Most moisturizing cream consists of a mixture of oil and water. The thickness and quality of the cream depends on the amount of ingredient it contains. There are different types of moisturising creams available in the market. Vanishing creams contains large amounts of water and they are quickly absorbed when rubbed on the skin. Cold creams contain a large proportion of oil and tend to be much thicker and stickier. Again, there are moisturising creams that contain humectants. These creams attract moisture from the atmosphere. One good option is Face Doctor beauty cream – a completely natural moisturizing cream. This cream rejuvenates the skin and provides a healthy glow throughout the day. Made from natural plant extracts, its active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil helps to prevent the spread and infection of skin parasites such as Human Demodex parasites. Thus it gently soothes the skin leaving a moisturizing effect to the skin.

Always apply the moisturizing cream only after you have washed your skin thoroughly. Make sure to apply it all over the body at regular intervals. The added advantage of moisturizers is that it provides protection to the skin against sunburns and other chemical pollutants. Its daily application helps to minimize the skin problems like dryness, eczema, psoriasis etc. Also it helps in maintaining a young glowing skin.

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