Acne, Acne Soap

How using a beauty cream finally fixed rosacea for me

On our second wedding anniversary, we decided it was time to start a family. The timing was right and we weren’t getting any younger. I didn’t want to be a mother after 30 and 27 seemed the right age to start. As most women going through the planning stages, I read countless books and blog posts on the subject, changed my eating habits, began to exercise more regularly, and upped my game when it came to natural supplements to increase fertility.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, right? Except for one small detail. I needed to be in the right mood for sex for things to happen. The last time I checked that’s a major part of making babies. Was I too stressed? Had I not been exercising enough? Were my hormones totally unbalanced?

The more I thought about it, the more I worried, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to run some blood tests. They all came back normal, I was fertile and ready to go. Except my body wasn’t quite following what my brain had been planning in the last couple of months.

It wasn’t him, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t our marriage (everything was fine with it). I had spent so much time thinking about the planning stage, that I forgot to spare some energy to get things going. So, when the time for action came, I felt too much pressure to hit it right at first.

When we began to feel disconnected, when things stopped being fun, I decided it was time to shake things up again and make things nice for both of us again. I went online to find the best all-natural sexual enhancement pill I could find (after all that preparation I wasn’t going to risk it with chemicals) and that’s what Passion was for us. Exactly what we were looking for. And not only did it work for making me feel more relaxed and focused on the important stuff, but we also use it often to keep our energy levels up. Completely safe.

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