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A Few Weird Skincare Tips You Never Knew.

A Few Weird Skincare Tips You Never Knew.

A Few Weird Skincare Tips You Never Knew.

Banishing Acne

Whether you’re experiencing a full blown acne breakout or simply aiming for prevention, the answer lies in your linen closet. Change your pillow cover every night, as clean sheets are extremely important for overall skin care.

Shorten the Lifespan of Your Zits

Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and apply on the zit for at least a minute. Ice reduces the inflammation caused by the zit, as well as the redness. If you are feeling extra zesty, you can create ice cubes out of green tea and witness the amazing healing benefits first hand.

Home Made Body Scrub

Looking to save a few bucks on body scrub? Head to the kitchen. Simply, add some brown sugar with olive oil and make sure it turns into a thick paste. Use the mixture on your body and see its benefits on removing dead cells and making your skin extra soft.

Cheap Alternative for Exfoliating Cloth

Get a microfiber washcloth, which is easily available at any drugstore or beauty retailer. These cloths provide enhanced grip on the skin which normal cloth cannot, effectively removing dead skin cells and leaving you with an amazingly fresh looking skin.

Reapply Sunscreen

A lot of people don’t realize those sunscreens don’t last all day. Remember to apply sunscreen every two hours if you are expecting to stay in the sun. We know that applying sunscreen over makeup can be a daunting task. Therefore, use a small amount of waterproof makeup when expecting to be out in the sun for the day.

Alternative for Shaving Cream

Ran out of shaving cream? Don’t worry, hair conditioner can serve as the perfect alternative. Make sure to properly apply the conditioner on your legs. It will soften the hair on your legs and make it extremely easy to shave, leaving you with silky soft and sexy legs you can proudly show off.

DermaPro’s Trauma Gel

DermaPro’s all natural trauma gel is an effective product for all kinds of compromised skin. The gel helps with inflammation and eliminates irritants, allowing you to prevent acne breakouts, helps with eczema treatment, rashes, among various other skin conditions.

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