Where’s Your Acne At?

Acne is something that plagues millions of awkward teenagers and women alike. And while acne on your buttocks, or on other types of acne, such as back acne can be hidden away from public view, acne on your face can be quite irritating, even more so for women who don’t have beards to hide them. Since most (if not all) women like to indulge themselves in self-diagnosis when it comes to curing themselves of acne, here is some information on what the acne on your face means.

The Forehead

Acne on your forehead is mostly caused due to an unbalanced bladder or digestive system. To improve acne in that area you will have to increase your intake of water along with changing your diet. Also, consider cutting back on all processed foods like fast food to help clear up that area.

Corners of the Mouth

Acne that flares up around the areas of your mouth is the most difficult to eradicate simply because it is caused by hormonal imbalance. The only way of curing acne around the mouth is by getting enough zzz’s. Also, using a natural essential oil based product from FaceDoctor can keep future flare-ups from occurring. A woman who is experiencing hormonal imbalance can also cut out on some polyunsaturated fats such as, vegetable oil and caffeine, while supplementing your diet with vitamins such as Vitamin, A,E and B-complex.

In Between Eyebrows

Acne which collects in between the eyebrows usually indicates an underlying liver problem. But, before you run for the doctor, consider a detox. Try to cut down on alcohol consumption and go for foods that are lighter. Also, dairy products are the usual culprits of acne, so find out whether you actually had a reaction due to dairy products.

The Nose

Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, the nose seems to get the worst when it comes to acne outbreaks. But acne on your nose also means high cholesterol levels and an increased blood pressure. To take care of your acne and your heart try to avoid having too much red meat and increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids that are found in fish oil etc., also using an all-natural beauty soap such as, FaceDoctor’s medicated soap can decrease unexpected flare-ups.


Acne in this area points out to allergies in the respiratory system caused by inhaling smoke. In this case, you should cut down smoking if you are a smoker, or better still quit smoking altogether. Also, consider keeping your body at a neutral temperature by avoiding spicy foods. There can be many causes for acne on one’s cheek, and it doesn’t always need to be because you applied something. Cell phones and pillow cases along with your hands can also cause acne because of bacteria. While keeping your smokes to a minimum also remember to keep you hands clean as well.


The chin is associated with the digestive system or stomach, which is the reason why increasing your intake of fiber and drinking at least 8 glasses of water can help clear that area from acne.
In the end, acne is a big problem regardless of where you get it. Research has suggested that an all natural approach is the only way of curing one’s self from unwanted acne.

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