Acne Treatment

Tips to Rid Yourself of Acne

Alarmingly, a recent study has shown that nearly 50% of women have to deal with acne, and that also includes the ones who did not have breakouts earlier. And like most things that are related to the body, “why” makes up for a good part of the understanding process. The only problem is, it would be answered by a myriad of responses. Each one more confusing than the last, and since what works for one person will not necessarily work for another, reviewing particular products won’t cut it either. Keeping that in mind the following are some things which you can do to get rid of acne.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes that typically begin in a woman’s mid twenties and persists throughout adulthood is the main cause of not only acne but other skin related problems as well. This acne is normally attributed to the overproduction of androgens which are responsible for stimulating the oil glands in the skin.

This is where going natural can help you the most. There are many commonly used essential oils that have powerful antibacterial properties, and can be used to cure unwanted acne. Some of the most essential oils which help in curing acne and other skin related problems are lavender oil, tea tree oil and sea buckthorn Oil. These essential oils can be found in some natural FaceDoctor products and helps cause a drying effect which is perfect for those who have acne and have to battle excessively oily skin.

The advantages of replacing your regular soap with a more natural product which is essentially oil-based are many. Most natural skincare products have already gone under years of trials and testing to get the formula just right so that it fits all skin types. Using a natural skincare product such as those of FaceDoctor will also give you the added advantage of its antibacterial properties, which in turn will keep outbreaks from happening in future.


There are also certain types of medication which can cause those unwanted flare-ups in women. This is mostly due to certain chemicals like corticosteroids, sobriety drugs and even birth control pills. If you feel like your medication is having an adverse effect on your skin, contact your dermatologist as soon as you can and talk about your medication and find another alternative. Changing medications won’t make the flare-ups go away that easily and will usually take a few weeks. During that time, using a natural skincare product to ease the transition like FaceDoctor’s beauty cream and soap will speed up the process and help you keep your skin clear in the long run.


Along with dietary treatments, addressing acne flare-ups with supplements can also be used to address the internal causes of acne. That being said, one should always stay clear from using any harmful supplements. In other words, while, vitamin A, E and B-complex are all good for your health, overdosing on them can cause their own set of problems.

In the end, the perfect balance of diet, exercise, supplements, and the use of natural products such as those from FaceDoctor will keep you safe from acne and other allergic reactions as well.

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