All About Acne

Fortunately for us there are countless products on the shelves which take care of acne. Unfortunately, not all of them work to our advantage or as fast as we’d like them to. While combing the shelves of your nearest superstore will no doubt leave you with hundreds of options to choose from, which will consequently make it even harder for you to choose the right product, the least we can do is find out why we get adolescent and adult acne. So, why does one get acne? The following lines will attempt to answer that question.

Your Diet

Your diet plays a huge roll when it comes to skincare. As, most dermatologists will tell you, having a balanced diet plan that includes lots of vegetables and fruits is the way to go, while staying away from oily foods also helps keep acne at bay. Your diet also plays a significant role in your complexion, which is why many dermatologists believe that consuming an excessive amount of sugar can trigger unwanted acne breakouts. To stay safe, meet with your doctor to discuss a diet plan and keep a food journal to record when acne flare-ups occur and what caused those flare-ups.


Androgens are present in both males and females. Mostly responsible for playing their role in the development of male traits, they overproduce during stressful situations. In females, this over stimulates oil production in the skin and causes those annoying acne breakouts which seem to last a lifetime. While stress is a huge factor in acne, dermatologists believe that women who are able to keep their stress levels in check can avoid acne altogether.

Environmental Factors

Dust, smog, humidity and basically every type of pollution does their share in causing acne. But environmental issues are not the only issues which plague the plight of the fairer sex. For instance, people may not realize this but talking on your cell phone for too long can also cause some breakouts. Believe it or not, the screen on your shiny new smartphone is not as clean as you thought it would be. Acne breakouts occur when the skin somehow comes in contact with the bacteria present on our cell phone, so the next time you get a call from your BFF, make sure it’s a short one.

Use of Cosmetics

Many dermatologists will tell you what to put on your face to look younger and more radiant, but what about the products that you put near your face. Like hair spray, styling gel and even shampoo. All of these products can easily clog the pores in your skin and result in acne breakouts. So, the next time you get an acne outbreak, try to pin your hair back instead of using hair spray and see what happens. Also try using something that’s more natural like, face soaps and beauty creams from FaceDoctor if you feel like your cosmetics are causing acne.

Ending Note

While there is no denying that acne does affect us emotionally there is some comfort in knowing that certain products are out there which address the problem. Products from FaceDoctor have long been used to treat acne, eczema and other skin related conditions.

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