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Things you need to know about Teen Acne Treatment.

You may be a teen who is depressed with terrible teen acne problems. About 20 million teens around the world are suffering from this problem and searching for a permanent cure. Teen  acne is a common skin problem that every teenager has to face during his or her teen years, but a few are very lucky to have it in less severe form while some are forced to suffer the depressing severe forms of it. As teens are in a state of transition from child to adult, they are in a stage where they are easily prone to several psychological issues. So frequent acne breakouts which can hamper their beauty can easily lead them to depression and lower their self esteem.

Hormonal factors are the major cause for emergence of teen acne. During puberty sebaceous glands are over active and hence secrete more sebum or natural oil in your skin. This excess of oil can clog the pores which eventually lead to acne breakouts. If you are suffering from severe form of acne it is good to approach a dermatologist. Normally over the counter medications for acne contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide can prevent inflammation and have anti-microbial properties while salicylic acid is used to unclog the pores.

There are few things that you should engage to reduce the severity of your teen acne problems. Always cleanse your skin with mild cleanser twice a day. Cleansing is an important step to wash away those excess oil and sweat deposited over your skin. You can try some mild cleansers or there are acne soaps available in the markets which are specially developed for treating acne problems. You should always use cosmetics which are non comedogenic or non acnegenic or oil free. Never pop, squeeze or touch your acne. This is one of prime reason for teen acne to aggravate as it leads bacteria to spread and also will generate scars or skin damage which are often difficult to clear off.

Teen acne can be successfully treated through some natural products which contain vitamin E, seabuckthorn oil, grape seed oil, aloe Vera, calendula etc. These herbal based products can control your hormonal imbalances and also promotes healthy skin. You also have the option of treating your teen acne through some home remedies. Applying apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey, tea tree oil etc over your skin are also found to be successful means to treat teen at the comfort of your own home.

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