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FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap—Great Acne Treatment

I have used Facedoctor Rejuvenating Soap for a year now. It is great on my acne as it treats my acne right away. It is really good for rosacea treatment as well. I use it because I am a teenager with a lot of acne so it really does help. I remember when I couldn’t find the right acne product for my skin. Now that I have found FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap it really helps clear up my skin and makes me feel really good.

The product uses Sea Buckthorn Oil, which really helps my skin clear up. I have used one bar and it lasts for 3-4 months. It is a really great price only 7.99. The price is not to bad compare to other products. I personally use this product everyday to treat my skin and acne. I would highly recommend FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap to anyone who has bad acne like me.

Facedoctor - Dermapro (44)

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