Rosacea Treatments

Choose Your Rosacea Treatment as per the Cause Behind the Symptoms!

Several theories related to the causes of rosacea have been made but doctors are nowadays accepting that the complexion issues might be due to a parasite known as Human Demodex. According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 40 rosacea patients were found with four times more the Demodex parasites on their face than those without the condition.

Also known as Demodex Folliculorum, these worms are micro parasites that are believed to be the case of reddish, rough, lumpy complexion; hair loss; premature aging; and enlarged pores. The parasites tend to feed off skin and that they need only 10 days to get matured from an egg for reproduction. Therefore, if your skin is suffering from rosacea whose cause is these worms; you need a treatment that can slay them down.

Well, although there are a few organic and anti-Demodex treatments available, the most effectual one is the DermaPro beauty cream. This is because its highest concentration of Seabuckthorn Oil in the market quickly slay down the worms and triggers cleansing effects that are conducive to your body’s biological processes.

In short, the cream speeds up the healing process safely as well as effectively.

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