Skin Care

Yes, Bearded Men Care About Their Skin Too

I remember the first time I used my FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap in public. It was after a long layover in Singapore and I used the airport bathroom to freshen up before the morning flight back home. I don’t think the other guys expected a bearded guy like me to pull out a soap bar from his toiletries bag. One of them asked me what the heck that was, and I said it was my sea buckthorn oil soap. He didn’t stick around for more details and I continued my usual morning habit. I’ve always suffered from acne but I wanted to grow a beard, and usually those two things don’t walk hand in hand. The solution to keeping a healthy skin was to use a natural acne soap. Choosing a natural acne treatment minimizes allergic reactions and, critical for me at the time, meant I could go forward with my project of growing a beard.

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