Sea Buckthorn Oil

My Top Beauty Secret? Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap

Whenever someone tells me “you look so young for 45! What’s your secret?” I know they actually expect me to pull out the little black book where I keep all my plastic surgeons’ contacts. Sea buckthorn oil soap it’s usually not the answer they are looking for. Surely one can’t look this great at “my age” with something as simple as a natural skin treatment. But the truth is that the secret to my radiant looking skin is that I finally found the best skin care soap for my daily routine. Drinking plenty of water and keeping a healthy diet only gets you so far. But you don’t need to rush into the arms of the first plastic surgeon you find. Figure out why your skin is acting out first. It usually means it’s trying to tell you something and that could very well be “treat me nicer”. And there’s nothing gentler than the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap.

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