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Goodbye Crow’s Feet, Hello Beautiful Photos

I knew my constant laughter would get me in trouble someday, but I can’t help it. I’m always smiling or finding something funny. It’s fine up until your late twenties (mid-thirties if you’re lucky or have great genes). I was 28 when I stopped asking friends and family to post photos of me on social media. I loved having fun with them and I enjoyed taking pictures with them, but I just didn’t want the whole world to see my crow’s feet. I considered plastic surgery and my mom said I was crazy. “Put on some cream instead”, she told me. The problem was that my skin was too sensitive to handle anything other than a natural skin treatment. And I thought not even the best skin treatment products could help me get rid of those horrible crow’s feet. FaceSurgeon was a lifesaver when I thought I could never find an effective natural skin treatment. Let’s just say I’ve been told I post too many selfies on Instagram now…

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