Skin Care

Why Sea Buckthorn Oil is the Best Thing for Your Skin

The only time I ever heard about sea buckthorn oil soap was among people suffering from psoriasis. This natural ingredient has a high concentration of Vitamin E, which was crucial for skin regeneration, making it the perfect natural psoriasis treatment. But what would happen if someone like me, without any skin conditions in need of treatment, started to use sea buckthorn oil soap as part of their daily routine? I had made a similar experience by testing an acne product on my acne-free skin. The result was severe dryness and about one month get back to normal. But the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap was different. Because it’s made with all natural products, it respects the balance of the skin regardless of what ailment you’re treating. Cleaning your skin is the first step of an effective skincare daily routine and I don’t start my day without using this soap. Safe and recommended for every type of skin.

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