I Found Psoriasis’ Worst Enemy

Of all the things I wouldn’t mind having in common with Kim Kardashian, psoriasis wasn’t one of them. I was only diagnosed later in life and I didn’t give it much thought because in the beginning it only affected my knees and elbows. The less I treated it and the more stressed I was, the red patches would increase and spread all over. When it got out of hand I started to really look for the best skin treatment for psoriasis problem. Sea buckthorn oil was always on the top of the lists as the most effective natural psoriasis treatment, so I started to look for products with that ingredient. When I found out that this oil was used as the active ingredient in all the FaceDoctor products, I bought the whole line of soaps, creams, and shampoos and never looked back. I couldn’t believe a natural product could have such great results.



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