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The FaceSurgeon Cream is Better than a Facelift

I realized I had more wrinkles than I thought the day my daughter showed me her drawing of me for her school project. They were supposed to draw a portrait of their mother while working. There I was in a suit, high heels, a briefcase in my hand, dark circles under my eyes, and my face full of lines. Well, it was accurate. As a defense lawyer for women who had survived domestic violence, I had a lot of worries in my daily life. It is a highly rewarding career but my face was telling a different story at the time. I shared this story with one of my clients, and she told me about the best skin treatment products she has ever used, manufactured by FaceDoctor. I started using the FaceSurgeon and immediately realized it was an effective natural skin treatment. This is the best natural skin treatment I’ve ever used. Oh, and in my daughter’s drawings, I don’t have lines all over my face anymore.

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