To Help People with Psoriasis, You Have to Understand Psoriasis. FaceDoctor Does.

My knowledge about psoriasis came from the need to explain my unusual condition to others. I wanted to know what triggered my crisis so I could better control them and not allow the disease to take over my life. But no matter how better I understood it, I was still far from finding an effective natural skin treatment. Most treatments were too harsh and although they were efficient on the psoriasis symptoms, the effects weren’t long lasting. When I heard about the healing properties of the sea buckthorn oil, especially in psoriasis, I knew I had to find products with that active ingredient. It’s an expensive oil but I was surprised that the FaceDoctor sea buckthorn oil soap was quite affordable. Their trick? None. They simply know how to make a product with the right concentration of this active ingredient, so using it is not a quick fix. It actually improves my condition over time.

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