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How FaceDoctor Helped Me Control My Eczema Through Major Life Changes

I love being a bartender. In fact, I always preferred to work the night shifts in every job I’ve taken so far. What I didn’t know was that working nights without seeing much sunlight would take such a toll on me in time. A couple of months ago I felt more stressed, moody, borderline depressed, and my eczema got worse. And I had always had my eczema under control. I needed to change my routine and I needed to find an eczema treatment that wouldn’t do more harm than good like some I had tried before. I still enjoyed serving people, so I left the bar job and opened my own coffee shop. For my eczema, I use the sea buckthorn oil soap by FaceDoctor and I noticed improvements within days. I never thought a natural skin treatment would actually work so fast, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

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