Eczema Care

My Biggest Mistake with Scalp Eczema and How FaceDoctor Helped Me Fix It

If you suffer from scalp eczema too, don’t use any pharmacy or store-bought products. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. The products I used were working fast on my eczema but they were also making my hair fall out. And the symptoms would return less than a week after I stopped treatment. I was devastated to a point I thought what I had couldn’t be cured. Turned out I was using the wrong products for my condition. As my doctor explained, scalp eczema can’t be treated the same way the other eczema is. Above all, I needed an eczema treatment that wouldn’t affect my hair but would work on the skin disorder. FaceDoctor’s shampoo and hair conditioner are the best eczema treatment products I ever tried and they restored my faith in finding relief for my symptoms. With the big plus, it’s an effective natural skin treatment with lasting results.

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