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Natural ways to deal with rosacea

Frequent blushing and redness associated with rosacea is often a nightmare for its sufferers. Though the exact cause for this chronic skin disorder is not yet found, there are several treatments that can reduce the severity of the illness.  Rosacea Treatment can be completely successful if you catch the condition at the early stage itself.  You can rely upon over the counter medications, laser therapy or can switch to safe natural ways.  Although laser treatment and medications are successful in rosacea treatment, there can be severe side effects. Besides, the result s they give are temporary and often doesn’t work on frequent use.

So what can we do to tame this illness permanently? Nature has the answer. There are time-honoured natural herbs and medications available which can slowly erase the marks of dreadful rosacea from yours skin forever. Research has identified several herbs like sea buckthorn oil, licorice, feverfew, green tea, oat meal, lavender, chamomile, tea tree oil and camphor oil which has special anti inflammatory properties to suppress rosacea. There are also several natural skin care products and medication prepared from these herbs which you can depend upon. Although they won’t give you immediate results, they can assure you permanent recovery from rosacea.

It is also highly essential that you get early treatments for rosacea. Frequent blushing on going out can be a signal that you have rosacea problem. So don’t delay to approach your dermatologist to confirm the illness. Along with medications, you may also need to adopt some life style changes and can try some home remedies.  Factors like sunrays, heat and cold can trigger inflammation and lead to blushing, so it would be good to avoid them as much as possible. Stress, alcohol and consumption of hot spicy foods can easily worsen the situation, so their usage should be a strict no-no.

Sensitive skin of rosacea sufferers should be handled with utmost care. Don’t try harsh chemical based soaps and cosmetic products. Try a mild natural based cleanser which does not bring much irritation to your skin. Your diet should be filled with lot of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices which can supplement essential vitamins like Vitamins A, B complex, E and Zinc with abilities to control rosacea symptoms. Never go for self treatment as your skin may not be suited to the product that you use. Consult a dermatologist and collect as much information as possible to handle this disorder and keep it under control.

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