How I Managed to Control Acne During the Most Stressful Time of My Life

When you’re preparing to make big changes in your life, that will turn everything upside down, the last thing you need is another thing to worry about. I had just turned over my resignation letter, was saying goodbye to the corporate world, and about to start my first entrepreneurial adventure with my shop of organic, animal cruelty-free, cosmetics.

What was the last thing I needed that month? An acne outbreak. But there it was, making my face look like I had poured something really bad all over my skin. Not a great sign for customers when you’re opening a cosmetics shop, right? I mean who would trust my brand after taking a look at my skin?

I needed to relax but there was no time to stop, so I had to find another solution. Something that would be made with natural ingredients, soothing, with long lasting results and not over-the-top expensive. The first thing that popped into my mind was FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap. I had used it before on my kid’s rashes but had never considered using it for acne, although people did mention it as the best acne medication soap they had ever used.

Without much time to think about how fast I’d get results, I started using the natural acne soap every morning before work and every night before bed. No matter how disorganized my schedule was in those first two weeks, I made sure I stuck to my daily skin care routine. I knew that would be crucial for optimal effects.

I should know how effective these products were but I was truly surprised at how fast I got rid of that nasty acne outbreak! And my skin feels better than it did before. Not only did I start to recommend it to anyone I knew, but I’ve also started using as a daily skin cleanser.

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