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How I Managed to Have a Career in PR While Having Rosacea

“Rosacea is not a life-threatening disease, but it doesn’t photograph well.” This is what my first boss told me when I asked her for a promotion to the PR department, one year ago. Although public relations people are not celebrities, they put their face out there many times, either representing their clients or showing up in the press, talking on behalf of the company. “Photographing well” was a requirement for the position, which is a nicer way to say “you don’t look attractive.”

I was shaken for a couple of weeks, but I knew my dream job was in the PR business, and personal branding was my passion. Clearly, I was the right person at the wrong place, so I decided to quit my job the next month, not without leaving with a very comfortable severance package and a complaint against my employer with the HR department. I was not going to let anyone put me down like that.

On my next job, I told them about my ambitions, why I was the right person for the position, and what had happened in my previous workplace regarding my rosacea problem. I was surprised the person interviewing me suffered from rosacea too when she told me how the FaceDoctor natural rosacea soap had changed her life. I immediately knew I had to know more about this miraculous sea buckthorn oil soap that prevented the Human Demodex parasite from spreading!

To meet someone with the same problem as me, who had overcome it using nothing but all-natural products was amazing, and I hoped we connected. Well, I got the job in PR even if at the time I still didn’t photograph well. I learned so much on the job already, and I’ve seen my rosacea improve over time too. I finally have the career I always wanted!

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