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I am Finally Closer to Beating Eczema Thanks to FaceDoctor

I’ve been struggling with eczema since childhood, so I think I probably tried every single product and home remedy you can think of. Every time my mother heard of a new miracle product guess whom she chose as the guinea pig? It wasn’t until recently that I found out she actually kept a detailed journal with the products she used and the results. As you may imagine, most of them were complete failures and one or two actually worked but for a very short period of time. Well, she wasn’t updating the journal anymore but she would still call me every time she found something new. The last eczema treatment was a sea buckthorn oil soap by FaceDoctor. I rolled my eyes and humored her, willing to try it for a week. It’s been three months and I haven’t stopped using it. For us, that is a major breakthrough! I think we finally found the best skin treatment for eczema problem!

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