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From Baby Face to Volcano Craters to Baby Face Again with FaceDoctor

Whenever other parents told me that puberty hits in a blink of an eye, I thought they were exaggerating. As a stay at home mom, I thought I was paying close attention to my twins’ transformations but I swear that acne showed up overnight. They went to sleep with baby faces and woke up with little volcano craters on their faces! Ok, I’m overreacting a bit, but the girls were heartbroken at the sight of all those little pimples on their foreheads. Fortunately, it was the weekend so I took them to the closest health store in search of a natural acne treatment. Following the clerk’s advice on the best natural acne soap, we bought the FaceDoctor medicated soap. I’m so glad we chose this brand because it definitely is the best acne medication soap. Within days they began to see and feel the results, and now we recommend it to everyone in the neighborhood. Even I use it as my new facial cleanser!

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