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FaceDoctor Medicated Soap and Beauty Cream: Power Duo Against Eczema

The minute I was diagnosed with eczema I knew I had to, somehow, manage the symptoms. The worst for me has always been the itch. Have you ever tried to control yourself not to scratch? It’s worse than torture. Most remedies I was using for my eczema worked great on the diseased skin patches but were also harming the healthy ones. So instead of a targeted attack, the products I was using were killing everything in sight. I started to hear wonders about the sea buckthorn oil but not only this was a super expensive ingredient, but most products used in eczema treatment also had an insufficient amount of this active ingredient. They were basically placebos. Fortunately, I found the FaceDoctor brand to have an effective natural skin treatment. I use both the medicated soap and the beauty cream, and it’s like a power duo. They are incredibly soothing and respect my skin’s balance.

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