How FaceDoctor’s Medicated Soap Allowed Me to Dress Fancy Again, Even with Psoriasis

Growing up I was always self-conscious about my psoriasis and how much skin I was willing to show. It wasn’t so much about the illness, but I was tired of all the stares and having to explain what psoriasis was. Most of the times it boils down to me explaining that no, it’s not contagious. Around the Holidays, with all the Christmas office parties I had to attend, finding a fancy dress that would cover most of my skin strategically was a hassle. So, I changed approach and began looking for a natural skin treatment with the active ingredient everyone called miraculous, sea buckthorn oil. It took me a while to find a truly effective natural psoriasis treatment but two weeks ago, I did. FaceDoctor’s medicated soap has exceeded my expectations. Psoriasis doesn’t disappear completely but it doesn’t look like my skin is about to fall off anymore.

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