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Why I Only Use FaceDoctor’s Shampoo Even at Hair Salons

Every time I walked into a hair salon I had to tell the same story about my flaky scalp. No, it’s not dandruff and no, please don’t use your anti-dandruff shampoo on me. They would always use their version of shampoo for sensitive scalp but it still made my skin react badly. The shampoos still had too many chemicals for me to handle, but I didn’t have a choice. Most shampoos I used, that claimed to be all-natural, worked for a while but the effects were never long term. When I started searching for a treatment for skin disorders I came across FaceDoctor and realized they also had a shampoo. That was the natural skin treatment I had been looking for! They have the best remedies for skin problems and that shampoo was what finally balanced my scalp health. Now, whenever I go to a hair salon, I take it with me and ask them to use that and only that.

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