FaceDoctor Improved My Psoriasis Even in Cold Weather

People who have a healthy skin don’t worry too much about the cold weather. For someone with psoriasis, everything must be controlled in detail from the temperature outside and inside the house to the kind of fabrics you can wear. Buying something as simple as a scarf can take me hours. Most of the times the stress of shopping makes my symptoms worse. On one of those shopping days, I discovered and advertisement in a health store that mentioned a new product claiming to be the best skin treatment for psoriasis problems. I was intrigued so I brought home FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap to test it out. I must say I was pretty skeptical in the beginning but one week later I started to see results and I couldn’t believe it. A natural psoriasis treatment with lasting results? That was a first for me. Winters just became a bit easier for me to bear.

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