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How FaceDoctor Helps Me to Be a Prima Ballerina with Eczema

When I started ballet dancing I never thought my eczema would be a problem. It wasn’t until I had my first stressful week at the company that I realized that stress was causing severe outbreaks. No one could see the dry skin patches but for me, it became extremely uncomfortable and painful to even wear the tights and leotard. I went inside the health store across the street from the theater during one of our breaks in search of a product with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient. I needed a natural skin treatment that was effective and affordable, but didn’t have much hope I would find it. I really feel that FaceDoctor was sent over by my lucky star that day. These are the best eczema treatment products I had ever tried and I’m glad I had them to prepare for what was the most stressful week of my career.

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