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How a Day at the Spa Brought FaceDoctor to My Attention

With someone who has eczema like me, it’s very hard to be spontaneous and book a day at the spa. Every product, even if natural, that is in contact with my skin can make my eczema go crazy. When my best friend was getting married, I couldn’t avoid the spa day. I dodged the full body massage and settled for the facial only since I don’t have any eczema patches there. While I was getting my facial, the employee told me I should use a sea buckthorn oil soap to clean my skin. Her baby daughter had eczema and that was what she used as an eczema treatment. It didn’t cure the disease but it sure relieved her baby’s symptoms. She was the one who told me about FaceDoctor and I immediately knew I had to try it. That was the best skin treatment for eczema problem that anyone had ever told me about without expecting a sales commission in return!

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