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How a Clown Deals with Rosacea Using FaceDoctor Products

At the circus, clowns are everyone’s favorite. As a circus clown, I fed off the children’s laughter and clapping, so it was very hard for me when I had to take a break. I don’t know when it actually started or if I had ever suffered from rosacea, but one day the outbreaks became more difficult to manage and the clown makeup wasn’t helping. I needed to find a natural rosacea treatment that would make it better but without being too harsh on my already damaged skin. I was so happy when I found FaceDoctor’s natural rosacea treatment! Their medicated sea buckthorn oil soap has been my best ally in dealing with this skin disorder. It’s still too soon to return to my clown career since my skin is still recovering, but I’ve already seen so much progress! I am done using any other products on my skin again.

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