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Can Something as Simple as a Medicated Soap Work on Adult Acne?

Every other month there seems to be a new study claiming to have found what makes adult acne better or worse. The sad part about this is that there was a time when I would actually listen to all of it, try it out, and then be frustrated because none of it worked. I think the worst time was when they claimed chocolate made acne worse, so I gave up on my most favorite thing in the world for a whole month. I was miserable! Last year I decided to go on a mission to find the best natural acne treatment that wouldn’t make me quit chocolate ever again. Bold goals, I know! FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap was like a godsend. The description simply stated why this was an effective skin treatment for acne problem, no frills. Could something that simple work? No cliffhangers here, the answer is yes.

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