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Why Pharmacies Are Not Interested in Suggesting FaceDoctor to You

Have you ever entered a pharmacy and they try to sell you a bunch of products as soon as they look at your face? That’s almost the daily routine for people like me suffering from rosacea. It sounds weird when I went inside to buy some aspirin. That is the wrong customer care approach, folks. I know how my skin looks like most of the days and I know I should be investing my time finding a natural rosacea treatment to tackle it. I just don’t want a bunch of strangers telling it to me every time I walk in a pharmacy! When the holistic health store opened around the corner, I started to go there. The environment is not as sales-y and it’s relaxed and I felt comfortable just browsing. It’s also where I first bought the FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap that focuses on controlling the spread of the Human Demodex parasite and improving my rosacea outbreaks.

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