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How Our Experiment with Acne Products Led Us to FaceDoctor

When my younger sister started to have pimples, we bought every product we could find in the supermarket. Neither of us knew what would work or not, so we figured we’d make a list of pros and cons for each of them and rate them later. It was a fun game for us at first, but her skin started to react badly to all the different products. I thought my mom was going to kill us when she saw what we had done! Instead, she dragged us to the health store where we explained our brilliant plan. We came home with a pack of FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap, some sound advice from the employee, and a list of chores my mom used as punishment. Fortunately, this teen acne soap worked better than our previous attempts and my sister’s skin improved. It turns out that in the end, we did find the best and most effective skin treatment for acne problem!

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