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Attain Complete Skin Care using Facesurgeon-Medicated Soap

Your skin has so many adversaries all around, despite of the dust, environmental pollution and hormonal changes, your skin is also attacked by a parasitic organism named human demodex parasite. Recent research has discovered that the parasite is one of the major culprits behind acne, rosacea and enlargement of pores. The parasite is an inhabitant of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands and it lives by sucking the nutrients in the skin. The activities of the parasite accelerate the inflammation of your skin leading to rosacea. Its excretions and dead remain settles in the skin where it blocks the pores leading to pimples. They can also damage the cell wall and hence can easily enlarge the pores and can also make the skin rough.

If you are not using an effective skin cleanser the outcomes can be inflammation, rosacea, acne, blemishes etc. Effective acne soap can prevent blockage of pores and eliminate the bacterial growth and thereby can keep you protected from most of the skin problems. Studies has found that sea buckthorn oil has the rare potential to kill human demodex parasite within seven days after applying it. The oil is rich in many essential vitamins, mono unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. In combination some other ingredients it can offer better rejuvenation of your skin. Oil has special talent in healing the skin injuries and in improving your skin from ulcers, lesions and eruptions. So acne soaps with sea buckthorn oil are highly essential for preventing the excess growth of demodex parasite which is present in almost 98% of adults

Your acne soap also must have nourishing and moisturizing effect, for this presence of glycerin is also highly important as it attracts water to bring back suppleness. Appearance of your skin lies on how much care you take for your skin. Even though there are quite a long list of products available in the market today, choosing one with out much knowledge about its quality can sometimes worsen your situation. Our skin requires efficient cleaning and nourishment for maintaining its exact beauty. Keeping all these in mind Facedoctor has introduced a new product named Facesurgeon-medicated soap.

The Facesurgeon-medicated soap has sea buckthorn oil in it as a major ingredient. It has been proven successful in alleviating acne, rosacea, blemishes and eczema. Its cleansing effect easily removes dirt, oil and other impurities accumulated in the skin surface. The soap is also mild and provides sufficient moisturizing to your skin. Its use does not cause any irritation or skin discoloration and is specially made to deal with stubborn blemishes. The soap is recommended to be used together with Facedoctor complexion soaps.

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