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Acne treatments dermatologists suggest

99 percent of all people are going to be afflicted with acne at one point in their lives. How much this is going to affect them varies from only mildly to very severe. To some acne is a minor inconvenience only encountered as a teenager, while for others the outbreaks start at age 10  and continues until they reach their 30’s or in some extreme cases even 40’s . Severe cases of acne can have a high impact on a person physically as well as emotionally. It affects the way they look on life in a negative way.

For treating acne there are lots of available treatments and truth be told, most of them simply do not work. When asked what dermatologist suggested for treating acne they first wanted to ensure that people understood what acne is and how it occurs.

When acne starts out, it is nothing more then the blockage of the hair follicle as a result of excess sebum. This causes the hair follicle to eventually become infected because clogged up pores present the perfect breeding environment for harmful bacteria. In turn the infection turns into pustules and cysts, the well known inflamed lumps which if left untreated can leave the dreaded permanent acne scars.

Treating acne starts with a change in the skin care regime. For starters regular soap should not be used, as it is too harsh for the already irritated skin. Instead, dermatologists suggested natural acne soap which is a more gentle cleanser. A gentle skin cleanser is vital to the skin cleansing regime for anyone affected with any type of skin condition.

People already using some type of skin cleansing product should make sure it is not based on alcohol. Even though alcohol can be used for cleaning and disinfecting purposes, it is not suitable for treating skin conditions because alcohol dehydrates and further irritates the already inflamed skin.

Often the acne condition is worsened by the pH level of the skin not being acidic enough. Healthy skin has a slight acidic PH, which makes it less vulnerable to bacterial infections. Products for treating acne containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid can help by removing excess sebum and contribute to restoring the optimal PH levels of the skin. However, products containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid are generally only effective when treating mild cases of acne. For severe cases a TCA peel would be a much more effective means for treating acne.

Anything that glycolic and salicylic does, TCA peels can do as well, only better and more effectively. Therefore it is used against more severe forms of acne, and studies have shown that it can even cure acne completely. TCA peels typically take approximately between three and ten days to heal up, but the new skin will be much younger looking and well worth the wait.

The only other acne treatments dermatologist suggested for treating acne was Accutane, but only when dealing with the most severe cases because Accutane is very toxic and does require blood tests and close monitoring.

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