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What dermatologists suggested for natural acne soap and its properties

Natural soaps most definitely are not all alike. They differ in the components they are made from, but most of them are without any chemically based ingredients. Experts from the American Academy of Dermatology agree that cleaning the face twice a day, using a gentle cleanser, not based on alcohol keeps the pores unclogged and free from dirt. Ideally the face should be washed in the morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep. After the wash, the face should be patted dry with a clean and fresh towel and only hand warm water should be used.

Proper care must be taken when using natural soaps for acne, because some of them are being manufactured unregulated. Especially when the manufacturers in question have not registered their business and are creating the soap at home.

Properties of Natural Acne Soap

Natural soaps are usually not mass produced, but produced in small amounts instead. They can be found at drugstores, ordered online or purchased at specialty stores. In order to make the soap the manufacturer will typically use ingredients, like: saponified oils, glycerin, and essential oils.

For manufacturing natural soap, intended for treating acne, essential oils that will decrease oily skin and soothe already inflamed skin are being used more frequently. Therefore, a natural soap for acne is suitable for people with all skin types.

Varieties of Natural Soap for Acne

Natural soaps can be obtained as a bar or a liquid variety. Some soaps are scented, while others are odorless. Soaps containing  ingredients, like eucalyptus, ginger, lemon, peppermint, rosemary and rose wood are so called anti inflammatory soaps, while soaps consisting out of ingredients, like clary sage, eucalyptus, lemon, sweet marjoram, rose wood and tea tree are anti-bacterial.

Studies from the Mayo Clinic suggest that soaps containing approximately 5 percent tea tree oil could be beneficial for treating acne.

Benefits of Using Natural Soaps

Natural soaps, that are created for treating acne are manufactured to be soothing and mild to the skin. A natural soap with properties like this will keep the skin clean and prevent the pores from becoming clogged or otherwise obstructed. However, in order to achieve this result using the soap twice a day is crucial. This has also been pointed out by  Dermatologica, which is an information center founded by the International Dermal Institute in Los Angeles. There it has also been pointed out that cosmetics and perfumes can actually worsen an acne condition. By simply not using those acne can be treated and combated much more effectively.

Things to watch out for

Like with most products not all soaps are really what they appear to be. Some soaps advertised as all natural simply are not. Therefore it is necessary to study the components the soap in question is manufactured from closely and when in doubt consult a qualified physician, or better still, a dermatologist before purchasing the soap. Especially soaps obtained at  farmers markets, or from a home based businesses, often go unchecked as those businesses are not registered and therefore go unnoticed and unregulated.

Even if the soap in question is indeed all natural, it should be taken into account that some natural soaps will contain ingredients, that will worsen acne, instead of treating it.

A small group of people is allergic to essential oils. If after using a natural soap the skin turns out inflamed, consult a dermatologist immediately, because chances are that you fall into this group.

Concerns about Natural Soap

The definition of what makes for a natural soap are not always clear, or even followed my the manufacturers. Some soaps still may contain chemically based ingredients, and even if they do contain only natural components, there still could be some ingredients among them that will worsen acne instead of treating it.  Therefore it is crucial to make sure the ingredients are not going to make things worse.

Dermatologist suggests that ingredients, like lanolin, fragrances, D&C red pigments and mineral oils may pose a risk when used for treating acne. Natural soaps which are properly produced will always be gentle when used on the skin, and will assist in reducing acne. Therefore it is vital to seek out a trusted source for purchasing natural soaps, and not just buy it from anyone who claims the soap is natural and suitable for treating acne.

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