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Living with Rosacea

Because rosacea is a chronic skin condition it requires continuous management. It cannot be cured, only controlled. Because of the permanent nature of the condition oral antibiotics should only be administered when all else fails.

Treating rosacea means a good holistic foundation is a must. This boils down to a well balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and proper skin care.

Many physicians still treat rosacea with antibiotics alone. This increases chances for the patient becoming resistant against antibiotics in general and can also create anti-biotic resistant bacteria. Therefore antibiotics really should only be used a s last resort when every other treatment has already failed.

What dermatologists suggested as a natural rosacea treatment

The first thing to change when it comes to skin care is getting rid of harsh regular soaps, cleansers based on alcohol and instead use medical soaps and cleansers specially developed for treating affected skin. This will ensure a clean skin without further irritating already inflamed skin parts.

Additionally a well balanced diet, without dairy products, low on meat and lots of fish will also help keeping a healthy balance inside the human body, which in turn will decrease chances for an outbreak.

External causes

It is well known that stress causes rosacea to break out. Many patients afflicted with the condition break out red as a tomato when they are getting upset, or nervous. Embarrassment and agitation causes the same effect, and once the redness comes up pimples and the infamous inflammatory rash well known to accompany rosacea will certainly follow shortly after.

Therefore living a calm and well balanced life is crucial for living with rosacea. Things to consider are meditation, yoga or other relaxation activities in other to avoid stress.

Another external cause that can trigger rosacea is heat. Extreme temperatures, or harsh cold winds are known to be able to trigger the condition. Not only external influences, like the weather are concerned here, but also saunas, hot tubs and other activities that will cause the body heat to go up.

Unfortunately things like hot flashes and other menopausal effects can trigger the condition as well. There is no real way to prevent those from happening, so all that remains when it occurs is treating the outbreak in order to keep it as mild as possible.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that a lot of steps can be taken to make the condition manageable. If you follow the dermatologist suggested treatments for rosacea it is quite possible to keep the effects of it down to an absolute minimum. It all comes down to the right skin care products, a healthy diet and good living.

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