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Why I Won’t Use Anything Other than FaceDoctor On My Baby’s Diaper Rash

I have always been picky about everything I eat and every beauty product I use. I really don’t know whom I got it from, but I need to feel good about using something, I have to trust it. That is probably why I don’t have that many beauty products around the house, apart from some carefully selected moisturizers and lotions.

When Billy was born, I was afraid to become too obsessed with which products I used on them. I also didn’t want to sound like that crazy mom who doesn’t take orders from her doctor because only she knows what’s best for her child. So before freaking out about it, I had a very honest conversation with her. I needed something as simple as a diaper rash cream to be the best product, effect wise not popularity wise.
I took a deep breath expecting the blow of a backlash. Instead, my concerns were welcomed with a smile. She understood me and she knew exactly what to recommend. She said the most effective skin treatment for rashes had to be one that respected the baby’s skin balance while minimizing the discomfort of the rash. Based on her experience, FaceDoctor was a reliable brand and one she often recommended to all mothers, not just the super concerned ones like me.

I felt instantly relieved to hear this. FaceDoctor has been the best skin treatment for rashes that I could ask for. She was right and I’m glad I followed her suggestion.

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