Natural Mosquito Repellent

Keeping the bugs at bay

If you are like me, a nature person, you will most definitely enjoy activities like hiking, fishing and other things to do in forests or on the water. Like me, you will greatly enjoy all the beautiful things nature has to offer. I mean sitting at the shores of a stream while enjoying some peace and quiet, sitting at a camp fire in front of your tent in a forest, bird watching. What’s not to like?

I’ll tell you what is not to like and it is bugs, and not just any bugs, no I am talking about mosquitoes, black flies and all those pesky flying bugs sticking you causing lumps that itch like crazy, usually at spots you can hardly reach, let alone scratch. That is the only thing I do not like about being in a natural environment, like forests or on the water.

Fortunately the fine folks at FaceDoctor have come up with an excellent way to get rid of all of that. And with all of that I mean to prevent getting stung, but even if you are stung to do away with the effects from it really fast. The product I am talking about of course is the FaceDoctor Skin Armour Deep Woods Outdoor Soap.

Treating yourself with this remarkable soap will keep the bugs away. It repels mosquitoes as well as flies and best of all it treats the spots on your body where you already have been stung! Armed with this soap, activities in nature become as enjoyable as they should be. No more sitting in front of a campfire busy swatting bugs all the time, and now you can sit on the shores of that stream and truly relax!

One of the best aspects of this soap is the fact that it lasts really long, so whether you use it while spending a couple of hours in your backyard getting your garden in shape, or if you are spending a full day hiking in a forest, this soap will protect you top to bottom and keep the bugs away.

The soap is also entirely safe to use. Even children starting at age 10 are allowed to use it.

In conclusion it is safe to say that the ten years it took for Researchers in Australia and China to come up with the formula have done a terrific job and the experience shows! FaceDoctor Skin Armour Deep Woods Outdoor Soap is the best bug repellent on the market today!

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