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The Face Doctor Story – Products for the Treatment of Skin Disorders

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The human skin is so very sensitive and inclined to any number of problems. From acne to eczema, rosacea to rashes – sometimes it seems like the entire world is beset with skin problems!

This has been a concern of Allure Imports, Inc. for thirty years. We have considered that many skin ailments may be due – in part – to the endless chemicals and artificial ingredients used to create facial and body cleansers today. So we create and develop soaps, gels, shampoos and other items for cleaning the body strictly from all natural materials.

Face Doctor health and beauty products improve the condition of your skin and the quality of your life through the self-esteem that comes from looking your best. Face Doctor focuses primarily on facial care, and our highly beneficial acne treatment and rosacea products are backed my medical research and embraced by consumers. Based on 30 years of clinical research, Face Doctor products are effective for a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions.

To learn more about this and all of the products we offer visit our website. We look forward to serving you.

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